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Two-tailed Swallowtail
Two-tailed Swallowtail - Papilio multicaudata
Mount Diablo State Park

Checkered White
Checkered White - Pontia protodice
Sunol Regional Wilderness

Butterfly Counts in San Francisco Bay Area

Annual butterfly counts are organized by the North American Butterfly Association (NABA). Count circles are 15 miles in diameter. Year 2015 Counts for the greater Bay area are listed below. Please contact the compiler for a particular count if you are interested in participating.

For information about Butterflies of the Bay area see the Butterflies page.

Updated for 2016

Greater Bay Area

Location Date Compiler (Organizer Contact Info Highlights
San Francisco 4 June Liam O'Brien liammail56(at) All-time national record high for Anise Swallowtail in 2011. Results from past years.
Pinnacles National Park 5 June Paul Johnson paul_johnson(at) 7 national high counts in 2015
Mount Diablo 6 June Rich Kelson rkelson(at) Regularly records 40+ species
Big Creek (Big Sur) 10 June Mark Readdie readdie(at) Takes place in a gorgeous UC Nature Reserve
Monterey 11 June Chris Tenney tenneyx2(at) 49 species in 2012, 47 in 2015
Hastings Reservation 12 June Jerry Powell powellj(at) Features the Unsilvered Fritillary, a nationally unique species
Marin County 12 June Wendy Dreskin bdreskin(at) Area stretches from Audubon Canyon Ranch to Ring Mountain Preserve
Benicia 16 June Paul Johnson paul_johnson(at) Yuma Skipper and 5 swallowtail species found here
Berkeley 17 June Jerry Powell powellj(at) Regularly records 40+ species
Point Reyes 1 July Ben Becker ben_becker(at) Located on beautiful National Park lands. .
San Bruno Mountain ?? Patrick Kobernus crecology(at) Three endangered butterflies are possible here. Detailed lists from past years.

Farther afield in Northern California

Location Date Compiler (Organizer Contact Info Highlights
Big Chico Creek 2 June Don Miller DGMiller(at) 31 species in 2015
Cosumnes River Preserve 18 June Kyle Bowlin bowlink(at) At a nature conservancy preserve
San Joaquin County 18 June Kathy Schick kaschick(at) 39th year of this count
Yuba Pass 19 June Paul Opler Paulopler(at) 79 species in 2013, 70 in 2015
North Warner Mountains 25 June Joseph Smith foxglove1985(at) 86 species and 18 national high species counts in 2015
Lava Beds 27 June Joseph Smith foxglove1985(at) Five national high species counts in 2013, three in 2015
White Mountains ?? Paul Opler Paulopler(at) Highest elevation count in CA
Butterfly Valley ?? Paul Opler Paulopler(at)
South Lake Tahoe 17 July Will Richardson will(at)
Mt. Lassen 23 July Joseph Smith foxglove1985(at) Eleven national high species counts in 2013
Yosemite 25 July Sarah Stock Sarah_stock(at) Twelve national high species counts in 2013, eleven in 2015

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