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Merritt College Landscape Horticulture presentation at Wilson Elementary presentation to Wilson Elementary School, San Leandro, Mar 2015 presentation to Symantec Corp Green Team presentation to Green Team at Symantec Corp, Sept 2014 booth at Beaver Festival booth at Beaver Festival in Martinez, Aug 2014

Badger Spirit Award
Badger Spirit Award from Paula Lane Action Network, 2014 booth at Beaver Festival booth at Beaver Festival in Martinez, 2012

Earth Week Faire at Foothill College booth at Beaver Festival
Wildlife sightings reported by attendees at Wildlife Education Day in Cupertino, Oct 2010

This website was created by Mihir and Ameet. Our passion for wildlife drove us to see the world; we now utilize the Internet to reach people across the globe and share this with them. This is one way that we can contribute to the preservation of the natural world which has provided us so much fun, adventure and opportunity to learn.


The idea for these kinds of websites - San Francisco Bay Area Wildlife, Yucatan Wildlife and Peru Wildlife - was born out of necessity. As we were doing research for our spring 2005 trip to the Yucatan peninsula, we found out that it was difficult to get advance information to help plan the trip. The information on the Web was hard to find and scattered across many sources. The good information was mixed up with lots of not-so-good stuff. We found something similar as we planned a trip to Peru.

This website - San Francisco Bay Area Wildlife - is focused on an area closer to home. It is intended to be a portal to useful and selected information about the wonderful wildlife of the San Francisco Bay Area. These pages are not expected to replace all the good information that is already out there - and more is being added all the time. But they should provide a great starting point for an exciting journey into the natural world of the Bay area.


We would like to acknowledge the help of a few people who have helped with the website or events:
  • Hilary Colbeth - California Newt, Sea Otter pages; Martinez Beaver Festival booth duty
  • Charlie Chesney - White-tailed Kite page
  • Carolyn Samuelson - California Wildlife Festival booth duty
  • James Maxwell - Stevens Creek County Park page, Rancho San Antonio Open Space page
  • Natalie Lightner - Yellow-billed Magpie page
  • Carlos Garcia - San Francisco Gartersnake page
  • Taylor King - Western Swallowtail Butterfly page, Las Trampas page, Rescue and rehab page
  • Sohan Shah - Martinez Beaver Festival booth dury
  • Maya Rahkonen - Online marketing
  • Anisha Narayan - blog post, Lime Ridge page
  • Alice Cavette - Insects page
  • Lalitha - Wildlife Education Day booth duty and Reptiles page
  • Ralph Albert - Wildlife Education Day booth duty
  • Vivek Damodaran - Wildlife Education Day booth duty

If You Want to Help

We are looking for sub-editors for various sections of the site. If you are interested in topics covered here and would like to get involved, please get in touch by with some details about yourself and your background. Also take a look at the internship opportunities. We look forward to hearing from you.

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