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Commercial Wildlife Activities

Kayaking in Moss Landing

There are so many ways to enjoy wildlife and learn about it. Many of these activities are particularly well-suited for young people.

Birding-related Businesses

  • Alvaro's Adventures, Alvaro Jaramillo
    Pelagic trips, winter birds
  • Let's Go Birding, Lisa Myers, Campbell
    Classes, field trips and private instruction.
  • Los Gatos Birdwatcher, John and Freddy Howell, Los Gatos
    Nature lover's general store, specializing in everything to do with bird feeding and bird watching, including seed, feeders, baths, hardware and optics.
  • Shearwater Journeys offers some great seabirding (pelagic) trips and an opportunity to see species that you are not likely to see from land.
  • Yellowbilled Tours, Rich Cimino, Pleasanton
    Friendly and personally attentive birding tours for the beginning and intermediate birder.

Guided Nature Tours

  • Marin Nature, Sharon Barnett, Kevin Stockmann, Marin County.
    Custom wildlife viewing tours.
  • Point Reyes Safaris, Daniel Dietrich, Point Reyes.
    Full and half day trips focused on Point Reyes National Seashore.
  • San Francisco Bay Wildlife Tours, James Aliberti, San Francisco
    Completely customized tours with hourly rates.

Trips and Outdoor Activities

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