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Other Wildlife Related Links for San Francisco Bay Area

Lindsay Museum
Lindsay Museum (Walnut Creek)


  • Our own -
  • Wildlifist by Randall Finley - "Stories and photos of wildlife encounters in Northern California and beyond". You can use the Categories like Bay Area or Monterey to find posts for the Bay area. 
  • The Owl and the Wildcat by Jen Joynt - "Photos and stories of my adventures searching for owls, wildcats, and wildlife in the San Francisco Bay Area". 
  • Growing Wild - Stephanie Penn's photographic essays highlighting the San Francisco Bay Area's open spaces, the plants and wildlife that inhabit them, and stories about the people who make these spaces possible. class="flaglink"> 

Photo Collections

  • iNaturalist's collection of wildlife photos - nice sections for Spiders and Insects. 


  • California Wildflowers interactive guide by California Academy of Sciences. Look up flowers by color or name. 
  • California Native Plant Society East Bay Chapter - Alameda and Contra Costa Counties (East Bay) 
  • California Native Plant Society Chapter - Marin County 
  • California Native Plant Society Chapter - San Francisco 
  • California Native Plant Society Chapter - Santa Clara Valley 
  • California Native Plant Society Chapter - Sonoma County 
  • California Native Plant Society Chapter - Solano County 
  • Native Here Nursery - Your resource for plants that grow naturally in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. 

Birding Resources

  • Birding photo quiz site created by local birder Jim Gray. 
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