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Wildlife of the San Francisco Bay Area

Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation in San Francisco Bay Area

Caring for cute wild animals by yourself is tempting, but the best thing to do if you find an injured animal is to call your closest wildlife rehabilitation center. Do not pet, hold, feed, or bother the animal; this will add to its stress and confusion, and it could be dangerous or carry parasites. To prevent it from dying of shock, keep it in a dark, quiet place, such as a box or a small room. Always use gloves and be careful when handling a wild animal.

How you handle an injured wild animal sometimes depends on its age and species. The Links section below offers plenty of information on what to do if you find an animal in need of rescue.

Before calling a rehabilitation center, you should try and note:

  • where the animal was found
  • its age and species
  • if it is alert
  • nature and extent of any injuries
  • things that could have caused its injury



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