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Wildlife of the San Francisco Bay Area

The Bay Area is a prime destination for discovering the wonderful and wild world of California wildlife. From the cool, blue depths of San Francisco Bay, to the sage-covered hills of Mount Diablo, the Bay area offers a multitude of species - mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and insects. There is a great variety of natural places with varying habitats for the nature lover to explore.

This website,, will help you discover what there is to see, where to see it, and most importantly how to go about it. With detailed checklists for mammals, birds and other animals, identification resources and extensive guides to viewing locations, provides a unique, yet comprehensive portal to the world of Bay Area wildlife watching.

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California Newt
California Newt - Taricha torosa

Sea Otter
Sea Otter - Enhydra lutris (Moss Landing)

Current Highlights

Featured Location - Stevens Creek County Park

Stevens Creek County Park, is located very close to Silicon Valley and yet provides a wonderful opportunity to enjoy nature.  ...more 

Featured Species - California Newt

The California Newt - Taricha torosa - is an interesting amphibian, endemic to California and special to residents of the San Francisco Bay Area.  ...more 

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